Susie Talbot

Nature Has Rights

Susie Talbot founded the Anima Mundi Law Initiative in 2020, as a space to tell ‘a new legal story for an ecological age’. Susie works with diverse communities, lawyers and allies around the world to evolve the purpose, content and practice of law, in order to support the growing Rights of Nature movement. She will be holding a workshop at Emergence Foundation’s Summer Event, July 22-23. 

Her aim is to help collapse the separation between humans and the more-than-human world, and foster transformative change within societies and across generations.

“In reality, we are inextricably interconnected with each other, with our communities, and with the natural world. This truth has been held by many indigenous communities around the world, is being affirmed increasingly by mainstream science and is already felt in the hearts of many of us. As part of a complex, living, whole earth entity, every act we take ripples out to impact the planet and eventually comes back to affect ourselves as well.”

In this short video, Susie speaks more about the context of her important work.