Evolving Through the Body

Kirstie Simson is a renowned teacher and award-winning performer of Dance Improvisation. Throughout her career she has dedicated herself to explore the latent potential that dance improvisation has to liberate, bringing us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. Patrick Cassidy has studied Aikido, meditation and yoga for over 40 years. He leads the training at the school in Montreux, Switzerland where practice is directed to bringing self-discovery and transformation into all levels of life and community.

Together they will lead a workshop at our Summer Event 22-23 July. This is an extraordinary and rare opportunity to explore transformation through the intelligence of the body.

“The practices I design are for people to experience being together in ways that support and enhance, rather than direct. One has to learn how to rest in being. In that state there’s a deep listening and the intelligence of each body starts to communicate, together.”Kirstie Simson

In this short video Kirstie and Patrick share their experience of how a higher awareness and intelligence emerges spontaneously when we allow the body to guide us.