Emergence Foundation is a non-profit organisation focused on fostering personal, societal, and global transformation through highlighting unique expressions of the nexus of inner and outer change, something we call the X Factor. Our mission is to help create a more compassionate, equitable and sustainable world by supporting these innovative projects and change-makers in areas such as education, community building, arts, ecology and spiritual growth. We believe that transformative change begins with individuals and communities, and our work emphasises the importance of collaboration, creativity and consciousness in regenerating global culture.

Emergence Foundation is a UK-based educational charity and grant-giving organisation which has offered financial support to individual and group projects and initiatives that are aligned with its core mission and guiding principles.

Commencing its grant-giving function in the spring of 2018, the Foundation had a limited fund which it distributed over a four-year period, 2018-2021, through a series of grant-giving rounds—one in 2018, two in the years 2019 and 2020 and a final round in 2021.

The Foundation aims to support organisations, charities, social enterprises and projects that are engaged in and committed to the uplift of individuals, organisations and culture at large: projects that affect a shift in consciousness and perspective based on the fundamental unity of all life, providing a force of positive change in the world.

Emergence Foundation was formed by the trustees of the UK educational charity EnlightenNext, which ceased its activities in 2013. The purpose of the Foundation was to find a way to dispose of the charity’s financial assets. After consulting with its stakeholders it was decided the funds should be distributed as grants in a way that was considered in line with its original vision and guiding principles.