What is that spark that lights up a person and impels them to want to give in this way? We think this is an important question, one that is vital to keep open and alive within our community of influence.

We all recognise human spirit when we see it, but it manifests differently in different people and in different situations. It often appears in individuals and organisations who are deeply inspired and committed to make a difference in the world, but it has a certain “feel”. It involves a willingness to ask questions, listen carefully to others, and join with those of like mind and heart, while making plenty of room for those who have a different perspective or view.

It has the most impact when a person shares their creative insight, knowledge or expertise freely with others because it actualises a part of themselves to do so. Such a person can give of themselves with a depth of care and love that is unusually free and alive, and yet their passion comes from a peaceful openness and a simple joy that does not look to impress others or gain for itself. They give voice to an important perspective within a dialogue of different views, but they recognise their contribution as part of some development in consciousness or culture that is larger than themselves. Their participation, because it comes from this deeper, more inclusive place, is a force for positive change in the world.