The charity was formed in 1995, inspired by the radical shifts in consciousness experienced by many in the UK, Europe and the USA as a result of meetings with a spiritual teacher called Andrew Cohen. This shift in consciousness enabled individuals to come together with others in an unusual degree of unity and authenticity. It was a perspective that seemed to provide a basis for a fundamental change in human relationships and activity that could potentially benefit the world at large.

In the course of time however, despite the positive nature of this initial achievement, the organisation began to experience considerable difficulties due to Mr. Cohen’s unwillingness to work with others, and the detrimental impact on many individuals of his highly autocratic personality and largely unquestioned authority.

In 2013, this conflict caused the charity to end its activities. Following the sale of its London-based headquarters, the charity’s trustees sought to find the optimal way to dispose of its residual funds.

Based on consultation with its principal stakeholders, the trustees formed a committee to implement its findings, inviting stakeholders to join them. There was an enthusiastic response to this request, and this enlarged committee began meeting in late 2015. Over the following two years, this group agreed upon and developed a programme to sponsor projects and activities of individuals and organisations aligned with the original ideals and vision of the charity.

In May 2017 an event was organised in London to present the plans for a grant-giving programme to the wider group of stakeholders. These plans were broadly endorsed and were followed in mid-2017 by the appointment of two consultants to guide the introduction of the grant-giving programme and to ensure its robustness and professionalism.

Currently, the charity is in its final year of completing a four-year funding programme, that began with a pilot project starting in February 2018.