The charitable objects of Emergence Foundation are to advance moral or spiritual welfare or improvement for the benefit of the public by promoting education concerning spiritual enlightenment and self-realisation.


We approach the charity’s objects from a philosophical perspective that looks at the human experience as rooted in both eternal being and radical creativity. Spiritual enlightenment and self-realisation are viewed as windows into the ineffable depth and tremendous creativity of the human spirit. But how does one engage with the depths of our true nature to address the complexities of the world?

We think a person’s uniquely inspired motivation to act plays a central role towards this end. One’s own personal interest, if it is genuine and authentic, can be a powerfully creative force in the world. When this interest is inspired by a depth of purpose, especially if it is directed toward the active care for and development of others, it can become a vehicle for the moral and spiritual development of all involved. Indeed, from a certain perspective, the passion and purpose that we bring to any activity in the world, if it is morally sensitive and appropriate to this current moment in our shared development, points to the mystery at the heart of the human spirit regardless of how realised we may be.

Therefore, the purpose of Emergence Foundation is to find those whose creative passion and purpose is to give something of themselves in order to make the world a better place and to support their efforts in whatever way we can.