Simon Town

Making a Good Grant Application: Full Disclosure!

Simon Town is the Grants Assessment Team Manager at Emergence Foundation and a professional Grants Consultant. He has decades of experience in managing grant funds, assessing applications and constructing small and large successful bids. He knows what makes a quality bid, as well as a poor one. 

Simon will be leading a workshop at the Summer Event 22-23 July. This is a rare opportunity for anyone interested in writing and constructing high quality and successful funding applications. He will identify all the critical success factors and help you avoid the common routes to failure! 

In this short video Simon talks about his varied background in writing grants and assessing applications, and presents all the areas the July workshop will aim to cover.

Content of the session can be guided by what people are interested in (or you can simply ask questions on the day). Contact Simon in advance at ku.oc.nwotnomisnull@nomis and your queries will be incorporated into the presentation.