Andy Falconer

Regenerating Communities from the Ground Up

Andy Falconer is a Community Development worker based in Middlesbrough, working at the coalface of regenerating culture in one of Britain’s struggling towns.

Andy is curious about the ways in which people connect when given the opportunity, and how together we can usher in new worlds. Through engagement with his local community and institutions, he is discovering innovative and creative ways to generate human flourishing.

Andy will be leading a workshop at the Summer Event 22-23 July. 

In this video Andy talks about his community development work, and how out of the box interventions can lead to exciting and unexpected results!

“The more time I spend doing this work, the more illuminated I am by coming into contact with people who change and break what I thought was true about the world. It’s in those moments I feel culture becomes alive, because culture isn’t something that is given from above – it’s something that emerges between us.”