Ivo Mensch

Can Spiritual Practice Affect Cultural Change?

Ivo Mensch is Associate Director of Emergence and Insight at Perspectiva. He is an ordained monk in the Soto Zen Buddhist lineage and a practitioner of the wisdom school of the Diamond Approach for over a decade.

As an author and a coach, Ivo designs a variety of practices and courses as a means to skilfully navigate larger arcs of cultural transition, shifts in consciousness, and “whatever the meta-crisis throws at us”. He will be leading a workshop at the Summer Event 22-23 July.

“What are these practices and skills we need to master as education? A big part of that is ‘unlearning’. Unlearning is a lot of my focus. And finding forms of education that support people who are trying to change the world, to help them become more skillful in bringing about the transition to the new world they are seeking.” – Ivo Mensch