This is some guidance regarding the (optional) short video that you can submit with your Full Application Form.

Video Guidelines

The optional video is a chance for you to reach out directly to our Stakeholders and Grants Panel with your message and the intention of your project. Anything you wish to include in your 3 minute message is fine, but in order to convey your vision and interest you may want to present some of the key aspects of your application such as:

  • How you became interested in your project
  • The aim or purpose of your project
  • The needs your project addresses and the extent of the demand for it
  • The people your project benefits (in general terms, not names) – be that individuals or communities – and how they will benefit
  • The experience and qualifications, if relevant, of those who will be delivering the scheme
  • Anything that you want to add or explain about your application.

These are just ideas for you to consider.

Our Stakeholders are not expecting high production video quality. They will be interested in the content of your presentation and how the charity’s aims and funding objectives will be delivered.

Technical Requirements

These are the technical video requirements.

Max length 3min
File formats .m4v, .mp4, .mov
File name organisation_name.mp4
Max file size 60MB
Preferred Aspect Ratio 16:9

If your raw video file does not meet our upload requirements, please convert it first with a software such as Handbrake. (use a preset such as Vimeo/YouTube HQ 720p60)


The deadline for uploading your video is the same as the closing date for your Full Application. Please refer to the deadline section for all closing dates.