The closing date to apply for our final round of funding has passed. This fund was set up by the Emergence Foundation in order to support small organisations and individuals to further the Foundation’s objectives. Through six rounds between 2018 and 2022 we will have distributed close to 100 small grants.

Funding Objectives

Emergence Foundation wishes to support those whose creative passion and purpose is to give something of themselves in order to make the world a better place. The aims & intended outcomes of our funding are intentionally broad to allow for the many different ways this depth of purpose might be expressed, but in general we are awarding grants to projects that we think are aligned in some way with the purpose and objects of our charity.

Application Process

Our grant application process is divided into two phases: the expression of interest phase and the full application phase. The criteria we use to determine eligibility and the process & timeline we use to select projects for funding are outlined in detail in the pages that follow.

Grant Application Limit

The amounts of funding you can apply for each year are set out below:

Minimum grantMaximum grant
Individuals£1,000 / pa£10,000 / pa
Organisations / start-ups£5,000 / pa£25,000 / pa

Upcoming Deadlines

Autumn 2021 / Last Round
EOI openSaturday 4th September
EOI closeSaturday 18th September 2021, midnight
Full Application openMonday 4th October 2021
Full Application closeSaturday 30th October 2021, midnight

Round 6 is currently planned to be the last Round of EF grant-giving.


If you don’t find the answers you need in this section, our Grant Assessment Team is happy to assist.