These are some things you might need to consider in applying for and managing your grant.


  • Make sure that everyone on your committee has seen and understood your application (organisations)
  • Provide as much evidence on the form as you can that supports your application
  • Explain any assumptions and avoid jargon and abbreviations unless you spell them out first
  • When setting out your income and expenditure, show all the calculations that lead to the totals
  • Get quotes for costs – don’t guess
  • Undertake Health & Safety and Risk assessments, building appropriate actions into a project plan
  • Incorporate any necessary insurance cover in your costs
  • Incorporate costs of DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks if relevant
  • Be realistic about numbers and outcomes – try not to overinflate them (ambition is fine!)
  • Do not exceed word limits on the form
  • Double check that you have completed all sections and that all enclosures have been attached
  • Make sure you have taken a copy of your application and all associated data

Grant Offer

  • If you receive a grant offer, ensure that you have carefully read and understood all the implications and conditions of the offer before you sign and return the acceptance
  • If you don’t understand anything then ask us about it straightaway
  • Return paperwork when it is due/requested
  • Keep us informed about any significant problems that may adversely affect the nature, delivery, cost or outcomes of your project


  • Ensure that people and methods are in place throughout your project to fulfill the monitoring and evaluation requirements
  • Review the project as it progresses against your milestones
  • Address problems as they arise – don’t ignore them
  • Contact us for advice if there are any issues that may adversely affect the delivery of your project
  • Implement appropriate Health & Safety and Risk assessment actions, identified in your project plan