These are things you need to plan for when developing a good project. They will help you identify milestones in your project plans.

You will need to identify 5-10 milestones in question 13 when filling out your application form.


What you want to achieve and why

Clear aims are important to ensure clarity of purpose. Aims often align closely with/look very similar to outcomes. Aims normally spring from a perception of need or demand. You will need to quantify/substantiate the need/demand in the application form. These help define ‘why’ you are doing the project and who the beneficiaries will be.


How you plan to deliver the aims

Considering these things helps you define the resources you require and so establish the costs and any income of the project.



This is the implementation phase of the project. These actions might also be described as ‘methods’.


What results from the actions

These are generally easily measurable things e.g. number of sessions or participants; production/ delivery of things; length of sessions.


The benefits to people or communities

Less easy to measure. Often shown through things like surveys, progress measures, questionnaires at beginning and end (which can demonstrate the change/s).


‘Stepping stones’ on the way to delivery of your project.

These are specific achievement points in the life of your project. They are typically set at key points in your project plan (as you execute your Actions, deliver your Outputs, and realise your Outcomes). They help indicate that the project is on track and, if not being achieved, can provide early warning signs of problems that might need addressing.