Emergence Foundation Summer Event 2022

A big thank you from all of us at Emergence Foundation to those who participated in this year’s Annual Summer Event (July 23, 2022): Transforming Culture from the Inside OutShifting Consciousness through Emergence, Connection, Dialogue.

Held in the beautiful venue, The Quadrangle, 40 minutes outside London in rural Kent, there were multiple opportunities for participants to share their work, new ideas, and inspiration.

As one attendee wrote, “There seems to be great need for this kind of platform that highlights issues that are prescient for our current crisis, in a life-affirming manner that encourages/inspires participants to brainstorm ideas about how they could participate and contribute to life in this current moment.”

Another wrote of the three presentations held in the morning which addressed the climate crisis, issues of race and neo-colonialism, and profiled innovative community dialogue practices respectively: “Following the opening introduction by EF with a heartfelt, sophisticated evocation of spirit and action in the world, all three projects exemplified an integrative offering of head, heart, and hand – the big story of humanity not just the problem…. It’s great to see the funds going so many unique and transformative projects.”

These three inspiring presentations were followed by an extended afternoon of diverse workshops from seven additional projects and an evening meal together. The day ended with the showing of a short film made by a Swiss grantee. Everyone appreciated having more time than previous events allowed, to deepen our connections and form new networks.