MNPC annual retreat: July 2-10th, 2022

One of our valued grantees, The Mindfulness Network for People of Colour, is hosting its online annual retreat from July 2-10th.

This unique retreat is oriented towards those who identify as People of Colour. It will offer perspectives and explore identity and practices which draw on a sense of belonging.

The art of finding a true refuge, practice and sense of belonging is imperative to our sense of wellness, resilience and sustainability, and to creating a vision of more compassionate identities. …. This powerful retreat programme is a call to participate and make a commitment to explore identity and belonging through mindful practice and reflection on how we must repair ourselves to get to a place of spiritual rootedness. We will ground ourselves in refuge and community and the foundations of mindfulness and unity. With the right tools, you will be able to make choices in life, deepen your connection to your body, mind and spirit, practise self-care, and cultivate compassion for yourself and others.  This is an invitation into the heart of meditation practice.

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