Results of the Pilot Round

In the first half of 2018 Emergence Foundation launched a pilot for our new grant-giving application process. We received a total of seventeen applications with a variety of stimulating, visionary projects – from individual start-ups to established charities and everything in between. Here is a list of the projects that were funded in the Pilot Round:

Stichting Open Future Institute: the Big Life QUESTions Project reimagines education by creating a space within schools where ‘big questions’ on meaning and purpose are part of the school curriculum and recognized as critical for the students’ success. Stichting have initiated a training model for teachers to become facilitators of their students’ journey.

Danyadara: a holistic, educational, permaculture project in Spain addressing local desertification – working with young and local people. Its aim is to educate and inspire selected candidates about the innovative opportunities for sustainable living in the future through permaculture solutions, specifically to fight desertification. The curriculum includes design, water management and food security as main points of study. Student volunteers leave with a certification in Permaculture Design supported by UK

Global Generation: a London-based educational charity offering holistic workshops for children, young people and adults based on indigenous and current understanding of the earth and the wider universe. Delivered within an ‘I, We and the Planet’ framework, GG’s projects highlight inner, outer, and collective dimensions of participants’ experience. Using multiple media it seeks to provide a multi-sensory and multi-dimensional learning environment.

MyNature-MySelf: a self-discovery and wellness programme based in London combining Mindfulness, Alignment with Nature, and Qigong. Drawing on these three traditions, this project helps participants develop awareness of self and nature, enlivening a connection with the natural world. Its aim is for participants to achieve an experience of wholeness through balanced physical, mental and emotional health.

Yes to Life: a London-based charity dedicated to assistance and education in holistic ways of treating cancer. It is at the forefront of a movement to revolutionise the way cancer is viewed and treated in the UK. Integrative Medicine is a rapidly developing, patient-driven, holistic approach that draws on the widest possible range of methods to meet the needs of body, mind and spirit. With this project YTL aspires to create an exceptional, purpose-built, ‘ultra-green’ Centre for its activities, alongside those of partner organisations.

Arwen Sanctuary: a rural, educational, environmental project in Wales, offering experiential training for young people. It is designed to encourage the enrichment and regeneration of people and nature through working and living together co-creatively. Participants learn relevant skills of organic gardening, permaculture, forest gardening and land management. In addition, they experience ways of connecting with nature and practices to support this, including the opportunity of meditating together.

Meanwhile Gardens: a public educational charity creating experiential programmes in environmental awareness for inner-city children. By following the cycle of the seasons throughout the year through science, art, writing, gardening skills, observation-recording and interpersonal skills the children learn about trees, plants, insects and care for the natural environment as well as each other.

Oasis Foundation: a charity project facilitating the development of an Urban Eco-Village based on holistic principles, set on derelict land in the heart of inner-city Middlesbrough. Bringing together refugees and members of the local population, the aim of this project is to develop an inspiring model of community-living, based on tolerance, diversity and environmental sustainability. Its programme of community-building and personal development is based on Whole Person Learning, including self-actualisation processes and environmental awareness.

Women’s Coaching Project: a London-based project enhancing women’s choices and potential to make positive changes in their lives and communities. This project provides the opportunity for women, who have had little access to self-development, to discover and develop a wider range of coaching and related skills including advocacy and leadership, introspection, dialogue, free self-expression, confidence and choice.

Small2BIG TALK: a cultural development project in Holland to promote Gentle Activism through inspiring deeper thinking in public forums. By training in engagement and enquiry, and using social interventions, S2BT seeks to develop a core of voluntary activist leaders/ambassadors committed to engaging with the public in small focused group conversations. Using deep listening, dialogue and other aligned practices, its aim is to facilitate change through stimulating BIG TALK in participants’ homes, communities and/or the social groups to which they belong.

Based on our experience of this pilot process we, at Emergence Foundation, are currently conducting the first round proper of grant applications. When this is completed you will be able to read the results here as well as find news of the progress and outcomes of projects already funded.