Annual Emergence Foundation Event 2020

The theme at this year’s Emergence Foundation annual event was the ‘x factor’. This is a concept which we have come to realise defines EF as a grant-giving foundation. It’s what we look for in evaluating potential projects to fund. Projects can be very diverse, yet we all recognise this mysterious ‘x-factor’ when we see it.

Our focus as a grant-giving organisation arises from a spiritual or consciousness perspective; and we are continually exploring the question as to what is the relationship between this perspective and the world we live in? We seek to fund projects and organisations that are trying to make the world a better place through some kind of positive shift in consciousness. 

EF’s annual event hosted four grantee presentations. There were also discussions and interactive events. Attendees were invited to explore their own views, understanding and experience of the ‘x-factor’.

We hope this video will convey a flavour of the day and the vitality of our discussions. One participant expressed their experience of the day as “revealing and highlighting that now is the time to be explicit about the sacred dimension of activism in its many rich and varied guises.”