This is the application process we use to select successful applications for funding.

Step 1

Open for approx. 4 weeks.

Your project will be assessed against the criteria and you will either be:

  • Invited to submit a Full Application
  • Be provided with some feedback about how your EOI could be improved for potential re-submission for full application
  • Informed that the scheme is not eligible/ unlikely to be a priority.

Response to EOI’s within 2 weeks.

Step 2

If invited to do so, submit a Full Application by the closing date. You can then also upload a video in support of your application – this is optional.

Open for approx. 6 weeks, including EOI period.

The application will be:

  • Evaluated against the published criteria by our professional Grant Assessment Team.
  • Summarised and circulated along with your video presentation to the Stakeholders of the charity, who will independently identify the projects that they feel best represent the charity’s funding objectives.
  • Assessed in detail by our Grants Panel, who will make recommendations to the Board for funding.

The EF Board will be asked to approve the Panel’s recommendations.

Applicants will be informed of the decisions on grant support.

From full application deadline to decision is approx. 10 weeks.

Successful applicants will receive an offer letter stating our conditions for funding.

Successful applicants will need to sign and return an Acceptance form (relating to the Offer Conditions) and complete some paperwork regarding payments of the funding.

You will have approx. 2 weeks to return the acceptance.

Funding starts and then the project starts (with potential scheduled, interim payments during the life of the project).

Tell us about any significant changes during the project.

Funding ends and the project ends Evaluation and Final Certification forms returned to EF.